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Develop perpetual funding sources to save lives of our American Veterans (and others) at risk of suicide due to post-traumatic stress and assist with business start-ups and jobs.

There are so many extremely worthy causes that revolve around the term “FREEDOM.” We will initially be focusing on two specific causes.

#1 Focus

Saving lives of our Veterans (and others) that are at risk of suicide due to post-traumatic stress.

#2 Focus

Assisting our Veterans (and others) with business start-ups and job opportunities


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Our Veterans have provided a GREAT service to us as Americans as well as to citizens of other countries where they have been deployed. We have a desire to empower Veterans (and others) to enable them to continue serving in "Freedom Causes" of their choice. Some Veterans may have a desire to assist in rescuing human trafficking victims and/or serving rescued survivors to overcome the trauma they have experienced. Others may choose to help those that are homeless or that have addictions to overcome, etc...

Coming soon!

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