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Business Start-ups & Job Creation Initiative


We have a desire to assist veterans, and others, that would like to start businesses and create jobs for others. Listed below in categorical & alphabetical order, not by any priority, are a few existing companies that are expanding throughout the country in 2021. Many more opportunities shall be added as they are vetted out for viability.

"10x Business Advantage" ~

- A clearinghouse for tech work available with many of the the most recognizable names in the industry. Job-specific training provided with many independent contractor positions available.

"American Prosperity" ~

- Careers available as an Insurance & Retirement Specialist

Money Maps Club ~

 - A network marketing company teaching principles of how money works and how to make it work for your family. PLEASE DO NOT join this club on your own as we need to place you into a strategic position under Funding Freedom For All that truly has the very real potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for our cause. Call or text RickyD Arsenault, Founder of Funding Freedom For All, at 207-432-6974 or email

rNetwork ~

 - A network marketing company that has a patented technology that helps all network members save money on current family expenses and allows them to earn income every time that those in your network swipes their debit card. A "MUST SEE" for anyone who currently uses credit or debit cards.

Stone Passion ~


Those that want to start a business, whether it be in these three fields or not, shall undergo a needs assessment to determine what assistance is needed in regards to various areas of training, education, team building, etc. Funding Freedom For All shall be building a Perpetual Growing Fund to assist, where needed, with grants & loans. It will be expected that these new businesses pay back into the fund for others that will follow as well as donating a portion of their profits annually to Funding Freedom For All thus perpetuating the funds available for others to start their respective businesses.

If veterans, or others, have a vision and a desire to start another business, we will assist them as well. Other business start-up opportunities will be coming soon, including hydroponic growing centers.

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