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"Let's Shoot For Freedom" in Tooele County at VASA Fitness

Dates to be announced soon

3 on 3 ~ Foul Shooting ~ 3 Point Shooting

Compete in any or all of the events

Gold, Silver, & Bronze Awards

for both Men & Women Categories Six different age groupings

12 - 13, 14 - 15, 16 - 17,

18 - 30, 31 - 50, and 50+

The idea of doing some initial fundraising activities came to me to raise a bit of seed money. This is nothing new in the non-profit world as we have seen events like these become very commonplace in our society. My vision was to use these events to set in place the perpetual funding sources. In the very early hours of the morning a few weeks ago, my vision of this concept was  greatly expanded. The term “Freedom Games” came to me as I received impressions to take the Freedom Games nationwide, starting in Cedar City, UT.

The thoughts that came to me of doing all types of Freedom Games, some of which are very familiar to us & others that have not been done as yet. Our website will list events as they are scheduled. Jobs for veterans can be created as Event Coordinators in various areas to perform all the tasks needed to make these events fun for the community participants as  needed funds are raised to be used as seed money to create perpetual funding sources.


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