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Veterans For Freedom is a unique band of brothers & sisters who are continuing to fight for freedoms by still serving one another & others in various capacities to bring freedom & peace to the peoples of the world. We desire to change the “business as usual” model into one in which we enable veterans, and others, to start and grow businesses with the majority of the profits from these businesses going to help freedom-related causes.


By serving other fellow veterans, and the general public, we can assist in many ways such as:


  • Saving lives by providing relief from post-traumatic stress for veterans and non-veterans alike. Statistics show that between 20 and 22 of our   Veterans are taking their own lives due to the complications of post-traumatic stress. Many civilians also suffer from severe likewise.

  • Assistance for those desiring to start and grow a businesses

  • Job creation for veterans, homeless, at-risk youth, and others. 

  • Aiding those that are currently homeless to become self-reliant

  • Rescuing victims of modern slavery and assisting them to become, not only survivors, but thrivers.

  • Assisting in the healing of human sex trafficking survivors


These are just a few suggestions of issues that can be addressed



As we team up with various worthy non-profit organizations, we will be more able to serve veterans and others. Below is a growing list of worthy organizations that we plan to be working closely with:


(in alphabetical order, rather than order of importance)


"American Warriors in Action" - Tooele County, UT

"Continue Mission" -

“Free for Life International” -

“Growing for Freedom” -

“Henry's Place” -

"Lifes Worth Living" -

“Operation Underground Railroad” -

“Purple Wings” -

" The Adventure Project" -

“Veterans for Child Rescue” -

“Vital Warrior” -

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